It’s a known fact that Lincoln loved mayonnaise! — "The Odd Couple" Season 3 is on DVD

Season Three of The Odd Couple is now available on DVD and includes a number of the series’ most well-remembered episodes including “Let’s Make A Deal,” “The Odd Monks” (Felix and Oscar go to a retreat at an upstate Mission), and, possibly the most famous (but you knew that from this post’s title quotation): “Password.” The Archive of American Television interviewed several of the cast and crew behind the series; Tony Randall discusses the genesis of the “Password” episode in part four of his interview.

Click here to access Tony Randall’s entire four-part Archive interview.

Tony Randall Interview Description:
Randall explained that it was his role on television’s Mr. Peepers that launched his career. He recalled his early years in live television and his association with comedian Wally Cox and producer Fred Coe. He talked extensively about working on The Odd Couple and his enduring friendship with Jack Klugman. He also talked about his favorite, but short lived series, Love, Sidney, as well as The Tony Randall Show. The interview was conducted by Matt Roush on April 30, 1998.

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