Art Director/Graphic Designer Louis Dorfsman Has Died — Interview Online

Louis Dorfsman, who designed every aspect of CBS’s branding for forty years until his retirement in 1991, has died at the age of 90. In his later years he was the creative director for the Museum of Broadcasting (now the Paley Center for Media).
Mr. Dorfsman was interviewed by the Archive in May of 2000 by the Paley Center’s Television Curator Ron Simon.

Below is Part 2 of his interview, where he describes working at CBS.

Additional segments of his interview are available here.

Interview Description:

Mr. Dorfsman talked about his earliest experiences in his field, which included being an assistant for Display Guild, which produced numerous exhibits for the 1939 World’s Fair. He described his long association with CBS, that began in 1946 as a staff director in the art department. Dorfsman described his legendary work in the 1950s for CBS radio, during that medium’s waning days. He described his eventual move to television, becoming the Director of Design for CBS, Inc. He described his influential work at CBS in print and television advertising, and his pioneering use of typography. He talked about the erection of Black Rock, CBS’s headquarters on 52nd Street and his work on the interior of the building, including his cafeteria wall collage. He described the fall television season campaigns at CBS and his well-known campaigns of such shows as The Waltons, which helped boost its ratings. He described his design of two books for CBS, Field of Vision (1962), on football; and a commemorative book on the 1969 moon landing.

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