"Daniel Boone"– Fess Parker’s Picks Out on DVD Today

Daniel Boone is getting a special release today: Fess Parker’s favorites, featuring eight series episodes. Following Fess Parker’s success as “Davy Crockett” on ABC’s Disneyland, he starred as Daniel Boone, which ran from 1964-70 on Thursdays on NBC at 7:30-8:30 PM for its entire run. Trivia: Did you watch Daniel Boone? What four series had Daniel Boone as a lead-in during its run? (answer below).

Click on the Archive’s Daniel Boone page to hear executive William Self and star Fess Parker describe how Disney’s objection to Parker continuing Davy Crockett with another company led to the “creation” of Daniel Boone.

Answer to trivia above: The four series that followed Daniel Boone (at 8:30 PM) during its run were Dr. Kildare [1964-65 season], Laredo [1965-66 season], Star Trek [1966-67 season], and Ironside [1967-70 seasons].

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