Bob Barker Out of Contestant’s Row

Bob Barker’s full Archive interview is now online. The legendary game show host discusses his long career and his activism in his July 7, 2000 interview.

“When we started The Price is Right in 1972 we gave away automobiles with four numbers in the price and the first number was 2. Two-thousand-dollar cars. And then it was three, the first number, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, and then we had to remodel some of our props to accommodate five digits because you can’t get the cars for less than ten-thousand dollars. And then they try to tell us there’s no inflation.”

Interview Description:
Bob Barker was interviewed for three hours plus in Los Angeles, CA. Barker talked about his childhood growing up on an Indian reservation in South Dakota. He described his work in radio which led him to be “cast” as the host of the game show Truth or Consequences, by show creator Ralph Edwards. Barker talked about his long run on Truth or Consequences in its network and syndicated runs. Barker then discussed in detail the show for which he is most associated, The Price Is Right, which he hosted continuously from 1972 until the time of this interview (and eventually to 2007). Barker also talked about his other hosting duties on such programs as the “Miss USA Pageant” and “The Tournaments of Roses Parade,” as well as his animal rights activism. The interview was conducted by Fred Wostbrock on July 7, 2000.

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