Legendary KTLA Newsman Stan Chambers Retires After 63 Years

Stan Chambers started in television at the dawn of the medium. He’s been a fixture of KTLA’s news team and its historic coverage of breaking news since he first reported on the tragedy of Kathy Fiscus in 1947— a three-year-old girl who fell down piping of an abandoned water well.

Stan Chambers’ Archive Interview was conducted on July 28, 1998.

Interview Description:
Stan Chambers was interviewed for five hours in Los Angeles, CA. Having worked at KTLA almost since its inception, Chambers discussed the many local events, breaking news stories and tragedies he has covered in Los Angeles over the last 50 years: The Kathy Fiscus story; hosting Frosty Frolics; covering an above ground A-bomb test with television cameras for the first time; the first Telecopter; the Watts Riots; breaking the Rodney King beating story. The interview was conducted by Karen Herman.

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