Irving Fein, longtime manager of Jack Benny and George Burns turns 100!

Happy 100th birthday to manager/producer Irving Fein! Fein is best known for his 28-year association with comedian Jack Benny, and later, his 22-year association with comedian (and now fellow centenarian) George Burns. He was interviewed by the Archive of American Television in 1998.

Interview clip: Irving Fein discusses working on The Jack Benny Program:

Watch his full Archive of American Television Interview here.

Interview description: Irving Fein was interviewed for three-and-a-half hours in West Hollywood, CA.  He speaks at length about his 28 years managing and producing for Jack Benny, as well as his years managing George Burns.  Fein discusses his transition from motion picture publicity to producing for Benny in 1947 — a path that led him from New York to California, back to New York, and finally back to California once more.  He details the many years he spent publicizing both the radio and television versions of  The Jack Benny Program, and shares tales of producing Benny’s various specials for television. Fein describes Benny’s real-life and television persona, his lasting legacy, and his grace as a comedian.  Fein also recounts managing George Burns during the last years of the comedian’s life — securing for Burns several stand-up appearances, his Oscar-winning role in The Sunshine Boys, and an impressive gathering for his 100th birthday party.  Sunny Parich conducted the interview on August 13, 1998.

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