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Let the Games Begin!

Friday, July 27th, 2012

Tonight marks the beginning of the 2012 Summer Olympics! The opening ceremony commences with the traditional Parade of Nations, which Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle will oversee. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip will officially open The Games, “James Bond” (played by Daniel Craig) is set to make an appearance in a short film, and Sir Paul McCartney will also be on hand to celebrate “The Isles of Wonder,” as this year’s opening ceremony is called.

Enjoy some excerpts from Archive interviewees who have been integral to the Olympic Games over the years:

Sportscaster Jim McKay on covering the first televised foreign Olympics in 1960:

And McKay on the 1972 Munich Olympics:

Designer Ray Aghayan on making the U.S. athletes’ costumes for the 1984 opening ceremony:

Lighting designer Robert Dickinson on the 2004 Athens Olympics:

Broadcaster Bob Costas on what makes the Olympics so special:

And sportscaster Al Michaels on 1980’s legendary “Miracle on Ice”:

Visit our Olympics page for more info on The Olympic Games.

The Hollywood Reporter Names 35 Most Powerful People in Media

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

The Hollywood Reporter just named the 35 Most Powerful People in Media and Archive interviewees Bob Costas, Katie Couric, Steve Kroft, Barbara Walters, and Brian Williams made the list. Click here to see the full list, which includes notables like Anderson Cooper, Jon Stewart, Kelly Ripa, Stephen Colbert, and Jimmy Fallon.

Enjoy a few clips from our “powerful” interviewees:

Katie Couric on what she learned from hosting Today:

Barbara Walters on Gilda Radner’s “Baba Wawa” impression: