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20 Years Later – Is Seinfeld Still Stuck in that Parking Garage?

Sunday, October 30th, 2011

“The problem with the mall garage is that everything looks the same. They try to differentiate between levels. They put up different colors, different numbers, different letters. What they need to do is name the levels, like, ‘Your mother’s a whore.’ You would remember that.”

So proclaimed Jerry Seinfeld in the “Parking Garage” episode of Seinfeld, which first aired on NBC twenty years ago today, on October 30, 1991. This 23rd episode of the series where Jerry, Kramer, George and Elaine wander aimlessly in a parking garage, placed 33rd on TV Guide’s list of the 100 Greatest Episodes of All Time. A dying goldfish, a frightening condition called uromisitisis poisoning (which apparently does not justify public urination), and a sensitive Christian Scientist all make it into the plot of one of the series’ most beloved episodes. And here’s a fun fact: according to editor Janet Ashikaga, the episode is based on the parking garage at L.A.’s Century City Mall.

Ashikaga, director Tom Cherones, and production designer Tom Azzari share their memories of one of the series’ most difficult episodes to shoot:

Editor Janet Ashikaga on Tom Cherones’ innovative ideas on “The Parking Garage”:

Director Tom Cherones on deciding where and how to shoot the episode:

Production Designer Tom Azzari on crafting “The Parking Garage” set:

Learn more about Seinfeld’s “Parking Garage” episode:

Celebrate Father’s Day with Rob Petrie, Frank Costanza, Homer Simpson, and Mr. C.

Sunday, June 19th, 2011

Happy Father’s Day! To celebrate we’ve highlighted interview clips from some of our favorite TV Dads:

Tom Bosley on playing Howard “Mr. C.” Cunningham on Happy Days

Jerry Stiller on playing Seinfeld’s “Frank Costanza”

Dan Castellaneta on the origin of Homer Simpson’s “d’oh”

Dick Van Dyke on The Dick Van Dyke Show’s Rob Petrie

James Hong Interview Now Online

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Interview Description:

In his Archive interview, James Hong talks about his career as one of the most recognizable Asian-American character actors, discussing his experiences appearing in such TV series as: The New Adventures of Charlie Chan, Kung Fu, Hawaii Five-O, Seinfeld, and The Big Bang Theory. Additionally, he speaks about his featured role in the film Blade Runner (“I just do eyes”), how he came to write the story for an episode of Bachelor Father, and how his casting on the telefilm Pueblo was a career highpoint (having initially lost the role).  Hong describes how little has changed for Asian-American actors in terms of the kinds of roles offered.  He notes portrayals, however, in which he either played the role in a non-cliche way (such as a guest role on Dragnet) or worked within the role to create a full-bodied character (such as in the feature film Black Widow). Hong also talks about his agent Bessie Loo, who was Hollywood’s main agent for Asian-American actors.  James Hong was interviewed in North Hollywood, CA on April 27, 2010; Stephen Bowie conducted the two-and-a-half-hour interview.