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April 2nd, 2006
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Alan Alda, actor/producer/director

James Arness, actor
Joseph Barbera, animation creator
Bob Barker, game show host, executive producer
Barbara Billingsley, actress
Steven Bochco, producer
Mili Lerner Bonsignori, news editor
Ed Bradley, anchor correspondent
James Burrows, director
Sid Caesar, performer
Vince Calandra, talent coordinator
Stephen Cannell, show creator/producer/writer
Bob Carroll, Jr., producer/writer
Diahann Carroll, actress
Julia Child, host
Dick Clark, producer/entertainer
Joan Ganz Cooney, co-creator of "Sesame Street"
Richard Crenna, actor
Madelyn Pugh Davis, producer/writer
Ossie Davis, writer/actor
Phyllis Diller, comedian/actress
Phil Donahue, show host
Barbara Eden, actress
Elma Farnsworth, widow of Philo Farnsworth, TV inventor
Michael J. Fox, actor
John Frankenheimer, director
James Garner, actor
Curt Gowdy, sportscaster
Andy Griffith, actor
Robert Guillaume, actor
Larry Hagman, actor
Florence Henderson, actress
Don Hewitt, show creator/news producer
Kim Hunter, actress
Quincy Jones, composer/producer
Don Knotts, actor
Angela Lansbury, actress
Norman Lear, show creator/writer/director
Jim Lehrer, news anchor/correspondent
Bob Mackie, costume designer
Robert MacNeil, anchor/host
Delbert Mann, director
Jim McKay, sports broadcaster
Ed McMahon, host/announcer
Ricardo Montalban, actor
Rita Moreno, actress
Bob Newhart, actor
Agnes Nixon, soap opera creator/writer
Fess Parker, actor
Abraham Polonsky, writer
Joyce Randolph, actress
Carl Reiner, show creator/writer/actor/director
Gene Reynolds, director/producer
Fred Rogers, children's show creator/host
Phil Roman, animation director
Jay Sandrich, director
Sherwood Schwartz, show creator/producer writer
William Shatner, actor
Doris Singleton, actress
Bob Smith, children's show creator
Carroll Spinney, puppeteer
Leonard Stern, writer/producer
George Takei, actor
Grant Tinker, executive/producer
Ted Turner, network creator executive
Dick Van Dyke, actor
Mike Wallace, anchor/correspondent
Ruth Warrick, actress
Dennis Weaver, actor
Joseph Wershba, news reporter/producer
Betty White, actress
Jonathan Winters, comedian
Dick Wolf, producer
David Wolper, producer/documentarian
Jane Wyatt, actress
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The Archive of American Television Goes Global

February 2nd, 2006

Here's a link to Steve Mosko's (the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Chairman) blog on the "must-see TV archive":

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